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Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Imagine relaxing in a beautiful oasis, listening to the sounds of birds, running water and the wind gently rustling in the trees. Now imagine that oasis is your own backyard! Creating a backyard oasis is not as difficult as it may seem; even a few small changes make a big difference. Transform your backyard into a beautiful area for family dinners, entertaining and enjoying a refreshing breeze. These backyard oasis ideas can help you get started turning your yard into a relaxing and inviting place.

Create a Water Feature

Few things transform your backyard into an oasis as quickly as adding a water feature. The gentle sound of running water helps drown out noises and create a tranquil atmosphere. Water features can be simple or elaborate, from a decorative pot turned into a fountain to a garden waterfall or pond. Whatever best fits your yard, style and budget, including a water feature helps create a calm and relaxing retreat.

Plant in Layers

Create a sense of depth and hide the view of a neighbour’s wall or property by layering your plants. Mix tall shade trees with midsize shrubs and low-lying ground cover to achieve interesting textured layers. Planting in layers creates a sense of depth and lush growth as well as adding a wonderful variety of plants. Another bonus, gardens with a natural look will always be visually appealing, even if not well maintained.

Consider Privacy

A sense of enclosure makes your outdoor space feel more like an area for personal relaxation and entertaining. Adding fences, garden walls, lattices or pergolas helps define outdoor spaces, block unsightly views and increase the privacy of your backyard.

Use Hardscape

Hardscape is a wonderful way to add structure and dimension in an aesthetically pleasing way. Pavers, concrete, bricks, stones and other hardscape give your backyard texture, depth and visual diversity. There are numerous ways to use hardscape to define and improve your space; a few examples include creating a quiet path, adding a stunning patio for entertaining and building landscaping steps.

Add Texture with Containers

A variety of plants in containers increases visual interest and texture on a patio, terrace or balcony. Create a striking focal point by pairing clean, simple containers in a few different sizes with a mix of plants. Use plants with multiple textures for an even more stunning effect.

Incorporate Colour

Plant annuals and other flowers to add a burst of colour to your backyard space. Flowering vines are another great way to create a splash of colour with their bright and cheerful appearance. Mixing richly coloured foliage in with your flowers is another ideal way to keep your backyard full of colour.

Put up a Hammock

Nothing says tropical paradise like relaxing in a hammock with a cool piña colada. Put up a hammock in your backyard and instantly have a place to unwind after a long day, enjoy a lazy afternoon or appreciate a soft breeze. This is an easy way to transform your backyard into an environment for relaxation.

Turning your backyard into a stunning oasis doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Play around with some of these landscaping ideas to get started creating your own backyard oasis. Soon you’ll be enjoying the space as a place to unwind, relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. Need expert help with your backyard? Not sure who to call? Download the Bill Parnaby Team App for a comprehensive list of reputable trades and services available right at your fingertips.

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I have been helping people buy and sell homes in Caledon and the surrounding area for over 30 years! I have been ranked in the Top 1% of Canada of all Royal LePage agents and #6 in Ontario. I specialize in selling Town and Estate properties throughout Caledon and its many villages, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have been awarded the Lifetime Award of Excellence for his efforts. My knowledge, honesty and common sense approach work successfully, hand in hand with the Team’s core values and beliefs. This combination of traits and values is appreciated and respected by my clients, colleagues, and our community.


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